In Front of the Lens

Recently I asked Brittanee Taylor Photography if she could do my headshots. I knew I needed a new set and I love the way Britt's photos always turn out. However. It's been a while since I've stepped in front of the camera. Selfies are one thing-- I can control those-- being a 'model' is another. Which made me think "no wonder my clients are always so nervous"  


Luckly Brittanee was very encouraging throughout the whole shoot and helped posed me a bit. I think I got the hang out of it after a while (especially since my favorites were towards the end!) plus I got to showcase my selfie smirk ;)  


Here are some of my favorites:  

Ah, the irony. I think it's good to step out of your comfort zone for a bit. Plus who doesn't love a little attention? ;)